Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Rugelach...1st Attempt!

Yesterday was a bubble day.  It was warm and these warm days are so sporadic during our Spring, so what to do?  We celebrate with bubbles.  I saw a kind of  dumb movie on cable the other day, "Knocked  Up" and even though it was dumb, I watched the entire thing.  It was perfect in that I could turn off my brain and just chill.  The movie did have some funny parts though and a few poignant lines.  One of the characters had a beautiful one.  He said, as his daughter blew bubbles in the park, "I wish I loved anything as much as kids love bubbles."  You see, that's the beauty of the simple movie genre.  Sometimes a line will come out of nowhere and  knock you sideways.  That line just moved me.  I appreciate the simplicity of it.  I guess I responded to it so much because it's patently true.  As adults we get so sidetracked with responsibilities and chasing whatever keeps us up with the Jones', that we forget the loveliness of the little things. Like bubbles.  Or my little sweetness Quinn,  smiley and  punch-drunk from the fun of blowing her bubbles.

 Today's weather, as I could have predicted, wasn't as warm.  So, it was a balloon day.  Inside.  Quinn was just as engaged, just as giggly and just as happy.  It was a good day.  Only made better by a classic cookie.  Rugelach. I realize this cookie is made a lot around the holidays, but I just wanted to try it.  To put together a gluten- and dairy-free version of Rugelach was my mission this afternoon.  After the balloons, before the making of dinner.

I love this cookie especially for the cream cheese in the dough.  It gives it a sweetness and a subtle creaminess  that I just dig.  I must admit however, that my first attempt was tasty, but I am very unhappy about this very crust that I love so much.  When I rolled it out it kept splitting and tearing.  I think I used too much fat.  Or maybe too little.  I must investigate.  This is the result...

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Rugelach
They actually taste really good.  In fact, a reliable indicator of their tastiness is what Isaiah, my 6-year-old, exclaimed.  He said, in his most I-want-more-cookies-see-how-cute-I-am voice, "Mommy, I must say, I just love your cookies!"  What a kid, huh?  He gets very verbose when he wants something.  Especially something sweet.  But, I am not satisfied with the crust, so I will be working on it tomorrow and post the recipe then.  It's worth the wait.  Remember, Gluten- and Dairy-Free Rugelach is perfect for a Spring treat.  Why wait for the holidays?!

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