Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keep Dancing, Aunt Marian

I have a really amazing memory of Aunt Marian. She's got an oversized straw cowboy hat cocked on her head and she's kicking her heels up (literally), dancing in the streets of Ennis, MT. It must have been the

Fourth of July. People used to dance in the street to country music on The Fourth of July in Ennis. She's smiling, drink in hand, just dancing...

Yesterday, Aunt Marian died. To the very end, Aunt Marian was comforting others. Through what must have been a powerful Morphine haze, she stroked her best friend's back and comforted her, whispering, "Don't cry." Incredible. This woman is incredible. "Was" incredible. That feels weird.

Roughly 18 hours after one life drifted to an end, as is the way of the universe, another life began. My niece, Rachel, came screaming into the world weighing 8 lbs 10 oz. Welcome sweet angel. You are bound to be an amazing woman. I wonder how you will feel about dancing...hmm.

So, there it is. The life cycle illustrated larger than life in one family, two different states. Goodbye, Marian. Your impact to those people in who's life yours interceded will not be forgotten. Your life meant something and that something was real and lasting. (Insert Marian) winking, here!)

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